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The Fox Sisters
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This page provides information about our beliefs and activities.
Spiritualism is a religion, a science and a philosophy. We believe in the existence of God although our ideas about God are not fixed. We believe that all mankind should live in harmonious brotherhood and we believe that a part of man, his soul or spirit, exists for eternity. These concepts are common to most religions, however in Spiritualism we try to give people evidence that the soul exists and that after death it continues on into another realm in the Spirit World.

Spiritualism doesn't tell you what you should believe or how you should interpret religious philosophy. We have no books that must be followed and we have no preachers whose word must be obeyed. As a guide to our religious thinking we have our 7 Principles but exactly what these mean and how they can be applied to our lives is up to the individual to decide.

The purpose of our lives and how we should live them is not dictated by Spiritualism. We have an individual flexible concept of God and beliefs among Spiritualists are often different. How we understand the world and spiritual matters depends upon our individual experience and knowledge.

For all of history mankind has known of and experienced some form of communication with a Spirit World. Spiritual beings, or angels, have visited mankind on many occasional to give knowledge, wisdom and guidance. During sleep many people have experienced vivid dreams where spirit people have made their presence known, renewed their bonds of affection and given information.

In the 1840's a family in America with three daughters (the Fox Sisters) were bothered by 'ghostly' noises which grew more and more troublesome. When the sisters spoke out and asked questions the noises seemed to respond, so they realised that a system of communication was possible. They would ask questions and receive a reply, one knock for "yes" two for "no". By this method the family found out who was making the noises. The spirit communicator gave details of his life and explained that he had been killed and buried in the cellar. The publicity about this incident traveled throughout America, England and other parts of the world and encouraged others to seek communication from the Spirit World.

The logical system of 'one knock for yes, two for no' seemed to work well for many thousands of people and formed the basis of communication. By this method spirit people explained about the Spirit World and were able to give instructions on how best to develop and improve the systems of communication with them.
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STANSTED HALL - Home of British Spiritualism
Arthur Findlay MBE - bequeathed Stansted Hall to
the Spiritualists National Union
in 1964 and was the
author of many excellent books on Spiritualism such
as  "On the Edge of the Etheric"  and  "Where Two
Worlds Meet"  along with other outstanding titles.

A great Spiritualist and legendary Medium who served as President of the SNU for 23 years

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