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This page is designed to support those who work for spirit and also to provide information on other websites that may be of interest or help to people.

Please feel free to look at all the links below. If you would like to get in touch with us for any reason please email us via the "Contact Us" link above and we will be happy to assist.

Alternatively you may call President Derek Jones OSNU on 024 76462412

We also welcome your comments and feedback on the site. Any suggestions for links to other websites will be considered.

Love and light, peace and respect.


 Spiritualists' National Union - the SNU official website
 SNU International - offers online membership, information and tuition by experienced Mediums
 SNU Books - spiritualist publications that may be read online or downloaded
 SNU Videos - informative videos by senior members of the Spiritualists National Union
 Arthur Findlay College - college for the advancement of spiritualism based at the world-famous Stansted Hall
 Arthur Findlay Centre - based at Stafford and provides high quality courses similar to those held at the Arthur Findlay College
 Friends of Standsted Hall - based in Essex and aims to promote education in Psychic Science and to assist in the establishment of a College for the study and advancement of the psychic sciences
 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre - based in Edinburgh and named after one of the great pioneers of Spiritualism. Offers educational courses, workshops, seminars, private sittings, psychical research & investigation, art displays, music and a specialist tea room
 Two Worlds - monthly spiritualist magazine published since 1887. Available by postal subscription or in a digital format
 Psychic News - the world-famous spiritualist magazine is back at last! Click on the link to visit their new website.
 Gordon Higginson - video recordings by the great spiritualist medium and teacher
 Gordon Higginson - audio recordings by one of Britain's greatest spiritualists (may be downloaded)
 Leslie Flint - audio recordings by the world-famous Direct Voice Medium and one of the great figures of spiritualism
 Silver Birch - six audio recordings by one of the great inspirations of modern spiritualism
 Jose Medrado  - video of the highly talented trance medium artist from Brazil who visits the UK every two years
 Colin Fry - documentary video on the making of the Sixth Sense TV show
 Colin Fry - the first in a series of 10 readings given to members of the audience on the Sixth Sense TV show
 Colin Fry - gives an accurate private reading to a medical doctor
 Gordon Smith - 'talking to the dead' video by the famous Spiritualist Medium
 Gordon Smith - 'the psychic barber' video featuring the renowned Scottish Medium
 Tony Stockwell - theatre show video from "The 3 Mediums"
 Tony Stockwell - the first in a series of 12 readings given to members of the audience on the Sixth Sense TV show
 Transfiguration Mediumship - images of world-famous transfiguration mediums
 Direct Voice Mediumship - images of world-famous direct voice mediums
 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - a short biography of the great pioneer of Spiritualism and creator of Sherlock Holmes
 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle interviewed  - 1927 interview given by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle on Sherlock Holmes and Spiritualism
 The Fox Sisters - the story of how the experiences of the Fox Sisters led to the development of modern Spiritualism
 Emma Hardinge Britten - perhaps the most famous historical figure in spiritualism and founder of Two Worlds magazine
 Helen Duncan - official website of the famous materialisation medium who gave readings to Winston Churchill
 Harry Edwards - one of the world's most gifted healing mediums and the author of many fascinating books
 Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary - the official website of the Healing Sanctuary founded by the great healer
 Anthony Borgia - renowned clairaudient medium who recorded many fascinating spirit scripts about life in the next world channeled from his deceased friend Robert Hugh Benson. Available from Two Worlds magazine
 Estelle Roberts - The world-famous Spiritualist Medium and her spirit guide Red Cloud
 Maurice Barbanell - great spiritualist medium and the founder-editor of Psychic News with his spirit guide Silver Birch
 Spiritual Truth Foundation - established by Maurice Barbanell and devoted to the teachings of Silver Birch
 Queenie Nixon - one of the most outstanding Transfiguration Mediums in the history of British Spiritualism
 Jack Webber - provided some amazing demonstrations of physical mediumship and the use of ectoplasm
 Lilian Bailey O.B.E. - highly gifted deep-trance medium who gave seances to the Royal Family
 John Campbell Sloan - investigation of the great Scottish medium by Arthur Findlay
 Daniel Douglas Home - a very talented but highly controversial figure who claimed to have the ability to levitate
 Alec Harris - outstanding physical medium famous for his demonstrations of direct voice and materialisation
 Doris Collins - short biography on the famous international Medium and Healer
 Ivy Northage - the famous spiritualist medium and teacher with her spirit guide Chan
 Coral Polge - outstanding artist who produced wonderful clairvoyant spirit images for over 50 years
 Rosemary Brown - her musical and mediumship talents were used by composers who had passed to spirit
 Sarah Tyler-Walters - Sarah is a wonderful trance medium who channels her main spirit guide, Master Chou. He provides enlightening answers to a wide range of questions about spiritual, philosophical and general issues
 Sarah's Exercises & Tips - some exercises and advice for those interested in working with Spirit
 Master Chou - Blog containing interesting articles written by the Spirit Communicator of Sarah Tyler-Walters
 Voices of Spirit - podcasts of Master Chou and the Oracle talking about a variety of important subjects
 Spirit Release Forum - deals with issues relating to spirit attachment and release
 Sue Allen - well known author and practitioner of spirit release therapies
 Spiritual Forums website - forums discussing spiritual and paranormal subjects
 Astral Pulse - forums discussing astral projection and other paranormal subjects
 The Spirit Guides website - radio shows / podcasts with an interesting range of interviews with well-known personalities
 Spiritualist - a useful internet resource for anyone interested in Spiritualism and related subjects
 SAGB - London based spiritualist association with close links to the Spiritualist National Union
 Afterlife Communication - audio recordings of messages from the other side by historical figures including transcripts
 Aura Photography - good introduction to photographing the aura and interpreting the meaning of the colours
 Aura Energy Photos - presents some very interesting aura photos and case studies
 Astrodienst - excellent resource for those interested in astrology and natal charts. Free personal horoscopes available
 Astrodienst Natal Charts - have your Birth Chart calculated to reveal the important aspects of your personality. Adjusts automatically for British Summer Time
 Cafe Astrology - another very good website on western astrology. Also provides information on Chinese astrology
 Cafe Numerology - good introduction to numerology showing you how to work out and interpret your personal numbers
 Numerology Report - this free Numerology report will explain all your personal numbers after entering your details
 History of Spiritualism - chronological history of the influences that led to the development of Spiritualism and the 7 Principles
 Betty Shine - famous mind-energy healer and a great avocate of the power of positive thinking
 Paul Jacobs - video of mediumship demonstration on Dutch TV by spiritualist Paul Jacobs
 Stewart Alexander - biography and report on the physical mediumship of Stewart Alexander
 The Psychic Times - report on a demonstration of physical mediumship by Stewart Alexander
 Direct Voice - devoted to the amazing phenomena of Direct Voice as a way of communicating with the spirit world
 Direct Voice Recordings - offers alternative access to audio recordings of Leslie Flint, the world-famous Direct Voice Medium
 Great Spiritualists and Friends - a compendium of world-famous Spiritualists and influential friends of the movement
 Interview with a Medium - Dan Clarke talks about the spirit world and his work as a Medium
 Lisa Williams - extracts from her television series "Life Amongst the Dead" filmed on the west coast of America
 Lisa Williams - talking about her involvement in mediumship and how she works
 Lisa Williams Live - two-part demonstration of Mediumship in front of a live TV audience
 Donna Stewart - short video of her mediumship demonstration at the South Holland Centre in Spalding, Lincolnshire
 Joe Power - The TV Psychic Medium giving live readings on the streets of Liverpool (Part 1 of two-part documentary)
 Colin Fry Live - Colin appears at the Shaw Theatre in London
 Colin Fry Live with TJ Higgs - Colin appears with his guest Medium TJ Higgs at the New Victoria Theatre in Woking
 Spirit of PN - online spiritualist newspaper run by the former editor of Psychic News
 Paranormal Review - topical online blog with news and articles on the paranormal and spiritualism
 Spirit Visions - the official website of Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, The Highland Seer
 Tony Stockwell - video interview with Psychic Medium Tony Stockwell talking about Mediumship and connecting with Spirit
 Street Psychic - Tony Stockwell gives an impromptu reading on the street in San Francisco
 James Van Praagh - the famous American Medium talks about how he developed as a Medium and tuning into the Spirit World
 Ray Brown - video documentary about the well-known trance healer
 Ray Brown Healing - website of Ray Brown who acts as a healing channel for his Spirit Guide, Paul of Tarsus
 David Hopkins - a Minister of the Spiritualists' National Union explains the meaning of spirituality and being spiritual
 David Hopkins - the SNU Minister talks about spiritualism on the Kevin Moore radio show
 Felix Circle - Experiments in Physical Mediumship by the Felix Experimental Group in Germany. Includes photographs of ectoplasmic manifestations
 Spiritualism Link - forums discussing the various aspects of Spiritualism and related subjects
 Spiritual Inspiration - another forum website for those interested in spiritual and paranormal subjects
 Joseph Speaks - channeled communication from Spirit on a range of important issues affecting the human race
 Hearing Voices Network - forum for people who hear and see things beyond the normal and wish to discuss this with others
 Afterlife Exploration Society - dedicated to exploring all aspects of the life in Spirit that occurs after physical death
 Chi Gung - Chinese health exercises for good health and abundant vitality. Highly recommended
 Energy Healing - excellent website that explains Spiritual Healing and offers Distant Healing treatments
 Zerdini's World - website devoted to both physical and mental mediumship. Managed by George Cranley who is former President of the Noah's Ark Society with over 50 years experience and who has sat with some of the world's finest Mediums
 Physical Mediumship - excellent Blog featuring news and articles on this unique and rare form of mediumship
 Victor Zammit - the Australian Lawyer presents compelling evidence for the Afterlife with articles, reports and his own Book
 Victor Zammit on YouTube - Lawyer Victor Zammit presents a full range of videos to support the case for the Afterlife
 David Thompson - one of the world's foremost Physical (Materialization) Mediums. Website has photos, audio & video recordings
 David Thompson audio files - over 200 direct voice recordings made during materialization seances including messages from some of the greatest names in Spiritualism such as Leslie Flint, Gordon Higginson, Maurice Barbanell, Silver Birch, Coral Polge and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (with transcripts)
 Al and Geoff Potts - The President and Vice President of Bournemouth Spiritualist Church talking about replacing the Fraudulent Mediums Act with EU consumer protection laws
 Mediumship Class - video extracts from a 12-part course on developing Mediumship by SNU tutor Martin Twycross
 Stewart Alexander - talks about his 40 years as a Physical Medium at Bournemouth Spiritualist Church
 Colin Fry - the world-famous Psychic Medium talks about himself and his work on the Kevin Moore radio show
 Gordon Higginson - a rare collection of videos featuring the legendary former President of the Spiritualists National Union
 Psychic World - fantastic gateway to every aspect of the Paranormal... articles, videos, biographies and websites
 Psychic News Archives - historic articles from Psychic News weekly newspaper going back to 1932
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